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What is it

What is it

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The City of Málaga's Tourism Tracker Project is an initiative that the Tourism Department of the  Málaga City Council and University of Málagabegan in 2008.

The purpose of this annual statistical report is to obtain a complete and integrated picture of visits to the city as well as visitors' profiles regardless of whether the visitors are tourists or day trippers. In other words,the Tracker Project tries to identify profiles of visitors arriving in the City of Málaga: what their initial motivations are, how they organise their trip, what activities they perform during their stay, how they value the range of attractions that are available and the trip in comparison to their initial expectations as well as other relevant aspects.

This report allows us to act, to make decisions at multiple levels and to deal with the tourism situation dynamically while facilitating a spirit of innovation and competitiveness in the tourism sector in general.

In short, the Tracker Project provides a statistical tool for compiling and generating data on tourism in the city, providing systematic, structured and updated data. This data dives us a competitive advantage that has great value that ensures:

  • That the tourism sector can anticipate and react to changes in the environment.
  • That gives the Tourism Department's destination marketing and promotional strategy a greater chance of success.
  • That allows us to identify opportunities for segmenting the world of the tourist so that we can later develop specific actions for each segment.

The Sociedad de Planificación y Desarrollo (SOPDE) took over from the University of Málaga (UMA) always under the guidance and supervision of the Málaga City Council's Department of Tourism and took charge of the operational field, data mining and the subsequent preparation of two reports: Tourism Tracker Project and the Annual Balance Sheet The Tourism Tracker Project provides a detailed study on the profile of visitors and trippers in general who visit the city of Málaga. The Annual Balance Sheet gives sector results by analysing the behaviour of the most important tourism indicators while  taking into account cyclical trends and known annual changes.

This study continues down the path set in the first editions when trying to monitor in detail the main parameters that define the development of tourism in the City of Málaga.

In addition, and independently from this study, a monthly tourism report is produced on hotels and tourists staying in regulated establishments in the City of Málaga. The data is provided by the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas (Spanish Statistical Office) and are extracted from the Hotel Occupancy Survey (HOS), travellers and overnight stays for the City of Málaga.

Consult the reports.