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SICTED and quality at the destination

Málaga City Council remains committed to the quality of the city's tourist facilities and services through SICTED (Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística Española en Destino; Integrated System for Spanish Tourist Quality) first implemented in 2007.

The SICTED is a programme developed by the Spanish State Tourism Department, which is aimed at comprehensive and ongoing quality management in tourist destinations. The main objective is to achieve a consistent level of quality in the services offered to tourists at a destination that includes services related to tourism as such as well as those which may not strictly be services for tourists but do, however, contribute to the tourist's experience at a destination.

SICTED is currently implemented at 174 destinations. 3,949 companies and services take part, of which 3,715 have been distinguished with the "Commitment to Quality" qualification.

SICTED objectives

    Create a permanent structure for managing and promoting quality at the destination.
    Apply basic quality standards common to all businesses and tourist services, and those specific to the subsector.
    Acknowledge the efforts of the participants in the project through the "Commitment to Tourist Quality" hallmark.

Introduction benefits


  • Foster quality management.
  • Improve knowledge of the customer.
  • Publish a Good Practices Guide.
  • Improve knowledge of the sector to which a company belongs.
  • Increase the customer's perception of service reliability
  • Have a Recognition System
  • Free assistance for implementing the system
  • And finally, participation in a national project, promoted and supported by the General State Administration, the Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias (FEMP; Spanish Federation of Councils and Provinces), regional governments, county councils and municipalities that all work together to increase the satisfaction of those visiting destinations and to achieve their loyalty. 


  • Increase the involvement of the various sectors in the target objectives
  • Increase service satisfaction amongst visitors and residents.
  • Increase the perceived reliability of what is offered
  • Increases the coordination of public and private initiatives in the tourism sector
  • Improve the positioning of the destination with quality as the competitive differentiator.

The Department of Tourism of the City of Málaga is very committed to making this project a success in our city and encourages the involvement of various private sectors because their participation is key to positioning ourselves in both domestic and international markets as a quality destination.