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Programme of activities

Programme of activities

Programme of activities

The programme of activities includes dissemination through digital and communication media, tourism fairs, conferences and workshops. It also includes new tools such as Chatbot Victoria, a business accelerator, and an international hackathon.

Programa de actividades


  • Use of the EU flag logo in all press releases.
  • Inclusion of the title in new editions of promotional material.
  • Creation of a specific target website.
  • Reproduction of the European Capital of Smart Tourism logo throughout the tourist information network.
  • Display of promotional items on public streets and digital screens with continuous transmission of promotional messages and videos.
  • Continuous promotion in all the City Council’s social networks.
  • Specific monthly information programme on local radio and television stations.


  • Two international conferences in February and November on smart tourism, along with professional workshops and networking meetings with professionals in the sector.
  • Presence at the three major tourism fairs.
  • Inclusion in the 2020 Malaga City Council Awards of a new recognition for the Best Smart Tourism Initiative.


  • Expansion of the Chatbot tool “Victoria the Malagueña”, which will use a conversation interface to answer questions about the European Capital of Smart Tourism.
  • Creation of a smart tourism business accelerator focused on virtual/augmented reality projects, gamification and new technologies.
  • Launch of a special edition of the MALAGA PASS tourism card.
  • Celebration of an international hackathon for European startups on smart tourism (February-May 2020).


  • Quarterly educational seminars for each category aimed at different stakeholders: schools, universities, associations and the general public.
  • Include the European Capital of Smart Tourism logo in the educational material distributed by the United Nations CIFAL centre.
  • Monthly one-off information sessions on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).