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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

In its commitment to digitalisation, Malaga City Council has a Strategic Plan for Electronic Administration (2015-2018), which addresses, among other topics, the Architecture of Electronic Administration.

Transformación digital

Malaga City Council has a Strategic Plan for Electronic Administration (2015-2018), which addresses the Architecture of Electronic Administration (electronic processing of common services, management systems [back office], interoperability, security and support infrastructure) and the Administration and Management of Electronic Administration (organisation and methods for the implementation of the Electronic Administration Plan, management of the impact on organisation and civil servants, legal support and the Electronic Administration Observatory).

Malaga City Council has been working for some time towards implementing Law 39/2015, of 1st October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Entities, and Law 40/2015, of 1st October, on the Legal System of the Public Sector, by which the government is obliged to process administrative procedures by electronic means. To this end, it has provided the organisation with an Electronic Administration platform that provides municipal employees with an electronic file processing tool that is fully integrated with the MiCarpeta (MyFolder) service on the City Council’s online platform. This platform allows both interested parties and municipal employees to interact electronically.

In 2016, a new version of the Malaga City Council’s electronic file processing platform was developed, which allows the organisation’s municipal employees to carry out procedures that are directly related to citizens by electronic means.

Malaga City Council has not limited itself to the electronic processing of administrative procedures, but has made progress in the construction of numerous electronic services that can be carried out immediately by interested parties.

Through Malaga City Council’s online platform, citizens have access to a wide range of municipal services that can be carried out completely electronically. From 2016, legal entities will also be able to benefit from the advantages offered by Malaga City Council’s online platform, in addition to natural persons. Services required by legal entities, such as obtaining proof of being up-to-date with all payments, are now carried out through the City Council’s online platform.

The various procedures of the different municipal departments can be carried out from home. Through the MiCarpeta service, interested parties can complete the corresponding application online, sign it, attach the documentation required for the procedure, and submit everything electronically. At any time, they can check the status of the file generated, attach any documents they are requested to submit, view the documents issued by the City Council, receive electronic notifications, or pay the municipal fees required for the procedure. In addition, all natural persons or legal entities that wish to act on behalf of others can also do so through the MiCarpeta service.

In the last two years alone, a total of 172 services have already been published on the online platform, and there are 15,652 registered users on the MiCarpeta service (through which 19,312 requests have been submitted) and 351 internal users of the TRAMITA platform. In terms of training, 472 municipal employees have been trained in the electronic file processing platform. All these processes have resulted in savings on paper amounting to over 3.3 million euros.