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Málaga Smart Tourism

Málaga Smart Tourism

In Helsinki (Finland) on 9th October, the city of Malaga was named the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020 in the European Smart Tourism Awards. Gothenburg (Sweden) was also chosen alongside Malaga.

These awards are an initiative of the European Union based on a proposal by the European Parliament, which aims to promote the development of innovative tourism in European cities. The award was presented by Slawomir Tokarski, Director for Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing of the European Commission, and István Ujhelyi, Member of the European Parliament, and was accepted by Rosa Sánchez, the city's Councillor for Tourism and Promotion.


This morning, the Councillor for Tourism and City Promotion, Rosa Sánchez, chaired Malaga Tourism Forum’s last technical meeting of the year. It was held at the Ben Gabirol Visitor Reception Centre, which over the course of the next year will be...