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The XXXV Picassian October in Málaga

Actividades Octubre Picassiano

The XXXV Picassian October in Málaga

  • 19 Oct 2022 - 24 Nov 2022


The tribute to the artist on the 141st anniversary of his birth is completed with a meeting of Urban Sketchers and the 16th edition of Picasso in the libraries.

Five conferences, a jazz concert, a new temporary exhibition and the celebration of Picasso in the libraries will form part of the activities programmed for the XXXV edition of the Picassian October. This event, which coincides with the anniversary of Pablo Picasso's birth, focuses on the life and work of the Málaga-born artist from an informative perspective to raise awareness of the lesser-known aspects of his biography. This was announced this Thursday by the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre; the Councillor for Culture, Noelia Losada; and the Director of the Public Agency for the Management of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Birthplace and other Museum and Cultural Facilities, José María Luna. The event was attended by the territory manager for Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla of the 'la Caixa' Foundation, Juan Carlos Barroso, and the commercial director of CaixaBank's Southern Eastern Andalusia office, Gerardo Cuartero.

The 35th Picassian October will kick off on 24 October with the inaugural lecture of the Master's Degree in Social Developments in Artistic Culture at the University of Málaga, given by Luis Sazatornil Ruiz, Professor of Art History at the University of Cantabria, entitled The Artistic Image of Andalusia in Europe: from travellers to universal exhibitions.

On the date of Picasso's 141st birthday, 25 October, a jazz concert will be held in the auditorium of the Casa Natal with Antti Sarpila Hot Trio, a group made up of Antti Sarpilla (clarinet and saxophone), Ricky Vivar (voice and guitar) and Diego Suárez (piano) who will transport the audience to the best era of swing. A meeting of the Urban Sketchers collective from Málaga has also been organised for this day to draw in the different rooms of the Casa Natal and a guided tour of the exhibition space to get to know its new museography. In addition, the Russian Museum Collection is joining this celebration with a concert in its auditorium by the pianist Alexandra Dovgan who, at only 15 years of age, has astonished the world of music with her exceptional maturity and virtuosity when playing.

The next event will be on 3 November with the lecture of Marius de Zayas, artist of Andalusian origin, presenter of Picasso in New York. Given by Rodrigo de Zayas, son of the multifaceted Mexican artist with Andalusian roots, who introduced Picasso to the American city and to whom the artist from Málaga gave the first and most complete interview. This critic and gallery owner, among other facts, published 'Cuatro litografías,' a portfolio of engravings that led to Picasso's first exhibition in the United States and which currently belongs to the collection of the Museo Casa Natal Picasso.

The auditorium of the Casa Natal will also host on 10 November the presentation of the folder 'España, aparta de mí este cáliz.' It contains a printed poem by César Vallejo, a text by the teacher and poet Carmen López, and five serigraphs by the renowned Málaga artist Rafael Alvarado, winner of the 4th Pablo Ruiz Picasso Scholarship from Málaga City Council in 1993.

Fernando Castro Flórez, one of the great figures of art criticism in Spain, will give a lecture on 17 November entitled 'The Final Picasso,' to present the artist in his final years, an ageing Picasso who wants to continue painting as if he were still in his youth.
Lastly, the Málaga researcher and curator Alicia Navarro will be giving a talk on Picasso and the people of the poor life. A sociological term that brings together those people on the margins of society and whom Picasso approached in order to reflect them in his works.

Picasso in the libraries

The Documentation Centre of the Picasso Birthplace Museum, together with the Department of Culture of Málaga City Council, is once again programming different activities for the Picasso October, thus reaching the 16th edition of Picasso in the libraries. To disseminate the life and work of Picasso, there will be a puppet theatre for primary school pupils, conferences and workshops aimed at young audiences and visits to the Picasso Birthplace Museum. This year nine municipal libraries will take part: Miguel de Cervantes, Salvador Rueda, Alberto Jiménez Fräud, Vicente Espinel, Francisco de Quevedo, María Zambrano, Jorge Luis Borges, Manuel Altolaguirre, Torcal and Dámaso Alonso.

Bernardí Roig. 'The last face and the aphonia of the Minotaur'

The new temporary exhibition Bernardí Roig. 'The last face and the aphonia of the Minotaur,' which can be visited until 28 May 2023 in the Temporary Exhibition Hall in Plaza de la Merced. This exhibition is included both in the XXXV Octubre Picassiano and in the international programme of events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso (1973-2023). One day later, the artist, who is exhibiting for the first time in Málaga, will have a meeting with the public to discuss and view the different works that will be on display in this exhibition space.


Opening of the exhibition Bernardí Roig: The Last Face and the Aphonia of the Minotaur.

19 October 2022.
Temporary Exhibition Hall, Plaza de la Merced nº 13. Extensions of the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou Málaga and the Russian Museum Collection.
Public meeting with Bernardí Roig.

20 October 2022.
18:30 hours
Exhibition Hall at Plaza de la Merced nº 13
Luis Sazatornil Ruiz: ‘La imagen artística de Andalucía en Europa: de los viajeros a las exposiciones universales.’
Inaugural lecture of the Master in Social Developments of Artistic Culture of the UMA.

24 October 2022.
18:30 hours
Assembly hall of the Casa Natal.
Meeting with the Urban Sketchers collective from Málaga.

25 October 2022.
16:30 hours
Casa Natal Picasso Museum
Guided tour of Casa Natal
Casa Natal Picasso Museum
Jazz concert with Antti Sarpila Hot Trio.

25 October 2022.
18:30 hours
Assembly Hall of Casa Natal.
Piano recital by Alexandra Dovgan.

25 of October.
20:00 hours
Auditorium Collection of the Russian Museum .
Free admission until full capacity is reached, prior collection at reception from 19:00 hours.
Lecture by Rodrigo de Zayas: Marius de Zayas, artist of Andalusian origin, presenter of Picasso in New York.

3 November 2022.
18:30 hours
Assembly Hall of the Casa Natal.
Presentation of the folder ‘España, aparta de mí este cáliz.’ Poem by César Vallejo with 5 serigraphs by Rafael Alvarado.

10 November 2022.
18:30 hours
Assembly Hall of the Casa Natal.
Lecture by Fernando Castro Flórez: ‘The Final Picasso.’

17 November 2022.
18:30 hours
Assembly Hall of the Casa Natal.
Lecture by Alicia Navarro: Picasso and the people of the bad life.

24 November 2022.
18:30 hours
Assembly Hall of Casa Natal.

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  •  (19 Oct 2022 - 24 Nov 2022)

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