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MAF 2023 - Málaga Festival


MAF 2023 - Málaga Festival

  • 16 Feb 2023 - 9 Mar 2023

Málaga de Festival is the programme that precedes the Málaga Festival and aims to commemorate culture, using film as the basis for discovering new representations and meanings concerning the audiovisual. In the same way, it considers the reality we create through the activities that take place in each version of the festival.

It is divided into two parts: an open programme based on proposals received through a call for proposals and a permanent programme curated by MAF itself. In addition, in 2023 it will include in its structure two new categories by discipline: Science and Technology, which will examine, test and analyse current scientific and technological models from the audiovisual field to increase their denomination and serve as tools for knowledge transfer.

For this edition, Málaga Festival has developed a discursive axis through which most of the programme will be developed. It is called 'A world in liquidation' and will give rise to two further threads that can be explored in depth through participation in the activities offered by the festival.

Málaga Festival aims to invite us to reflect, value what brought us here and think about the stable values recognised by different generations. Everything transforms due to the intrusive presence of a world in which any action is questioned, so a certain level of strength is demanded. On the other hand, it is important to take into account the state of mind of the inhabitants. Our country has become one of the countries with the highest consumption of anxiolytics in the world. In addition, the level of insomnia in the Spanish population has increased rapidly since the outbreak of the pandemic, making it difficult to rest for long periods. All these factors negatively affect the way we relate to each other.


Opening times

  •  (16 Feb 2023 - 9 Mar 2023)