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Exhibition: Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body

Exhibition: Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body

Exhibition: Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body

  • 5 May 2023 - 10 Sep 2023

The body as a tool for representation is the starting point of the first big exhibition of Picasso’s sculptures in Spain. Curated by Carmen Giménez, first director of the Picasso Museum Málaga, the exhibition includes a careful selection of works representing the variety of styles used by Picasso to explore and expand the three-dimensional representation of the human body.

Throughout his long career and his vast work, Picasso approached the human body in multiple ways and from multiple genres, in the case of sculpture using all the materials he could lay his hands on: wood, bronze, iron, concrete, steel and plaster.
Sculpture was a fundamental technique in Picasso’s work – not just a secondary means of expression. To him, it was just as important at painting, drawing, printmaking or ceramics. He believed that there were no lesser forms of art: every language and every material were equally apt to express the different aspects of life in art.
Although his most productive period for sculpture was the Cubist one, Picasso made sculptures all throughout his long career. This branch of art held a prominent role in his work over the decades.

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  •  (5 May 2023 - 10 Sep 2023)

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