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The importance of learning Spanish

The importance of learning Spanish

The importance of learning Spanish

After reading the data in the previous section, you can clearly see the importance that Spanish has in the world today, but for those who are still not convinced why they should study Spanish, here are some reasons:

• It is a language that is growing more and more in terms of popularity, which is why its number of speakers has been increasing in recent years.

• Mastery of a second language can be a valuable asset for both companies and employees. Companies want to have workers who can help them expand their borders and the Spanish language is currently one of the most demanded by the market. There are currently 21 countries that have Spanish as their official language. Some of these countries have excellent business prospects.

• Traveling will be a more enriching and rewarding experience thanks to the possibility of speaking Spanish. Spanish-speaking countries include such popular destinations as Spain, Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, etc…. Not knowing the language always limits the places to visit and the people to meet or, at least, communicate with. That implies being able to miss very important aspects of the culture of a country.

• Speaking Spanish will open up the possibility of working or studying in a Spanish-speaking country, which can help in greater professional and personal development.