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Málaga is an ideal city for sports, as well as hosting top-class sporting events. Its mild temperature and proximity to the sea make it the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports.

The seafront promenades are one of the favourite places for locals to play sport. Here you can find infrastructures such as authentic open-air gyms.

The city offers a wide range of sporting activities that can be enjoyed both in specialised facilities and in natural outdoor environments. From golf, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, sport fishing, hiking, tennis, paddle tennis, athletics, cycling to horse riding, almost any sporting discipline can be found in Málaga.

The facilities available include golf courses, tennis and paddle tennis courts, swimming areas, athletics tracks, hiking areas, marinas, gyms, horse riding centres, among others, guaranteeing a wide offer for sports lovers.

The city has hosted renowned sporting events, such as the Davis Tennis Cup, National Basketball League (ACB) competitions and National Athletics Championships. It also hosts events of its own level, such as the Málaga City Marathon in December, triathlons and popular races.