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Natural areas

Natural areas

Natural areas

Málaga’s natural areas are ideal to escape routine and to relax, to have a unique time or just to be in peaceful contact with nature. Málaga’s public green spaces and their recreational facilities are constantly breathing life into the city.

Moreover, natural areas are the habitats of a wide variety of animals and plants, many of them rare specimens, and their viewpoints offer a glimpse of the city’s amazing coastal landscapes and hinterland.

Málaga’s parks, natural sites, urban parks and gardens, unique in the world, encourage visitors to soak in the best of nature and melt away stress while getting familiar with the history of the city.

Montes de Málaga

Montes de Málaga Nature Park

Lying 5 kilometres away from the city, Montes de Málaga is a nature park covering almost 5000 hectares and housing unique animal and plant species. It is the ideal place to enjoy nature at its purest and engage in active travel.






Desembocadura Guadalhorce

Desembocadura del Guadalhorce Natural Site

In its final stretch, the river branches out to flow around a 122-hectare island. The landscape is known as Desembocadura del Guadalhorce (Guadalhorce Estuary), is made up of the river banks, lakes, sand banks that reach the sea, and inland areas. The result is an overwhelmingly diverse habitat, home to multiple species throughout the year.




Parque Forestal El Morlaco

El Morlaco Forest Park

El Morlaco is a forest park sitting between three residential areas – Cerrado de Calderón, Parque Clavero and El Morlaco – and rolling down to the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Seaside Promenade, Baños del Carmen Beach and the sea. Halfway between the mountains and the sea, El Morlaco is among the city’s most powerful green “lungs”.




Parque forestal Gibralfaro

Gibralfaro Forest Park

At the foot of the Gibralfaro Castle, Gibralfaro Forest Park has a high environmental value for Málaga. It is a thick Mediterranean forest covering 278,000 square metres and connecting the castle to the Arab Fortress – and, thus, the Christian and the Muslim Málaga.





Monte Victoria

Monte Victoria Forest Park

This forest park encompasses the Mount Victoria, also known as Cerro de San Cristóbal or Monte de las Tres Letras, standing close to the Basilica of Santa María de la Victoria. Spanning 312,000 square metres, it is bounded by the Montes de Málaga to the north, Mount Gibralfaro to the south, Mount San Antón to the east and Mount Calvario to the west. Lying next to the town of Málaga, it comprises several distinct areas: the forest, the summit, the scrubland and Arroyo Toquero.



Parque forestal La Virreina

La Virreina Forest Park

La Virreina is a 408,900-square-metre forest park in the district of Palma-Palmilla. It was named after Ana Zayas, vicereine of Mexico (La Virreina), who commissioned its design and development. She wanted a park next to her mansion.




Parque forestal Ciudad de Málaga

Ciudad de Málaga Forest Park

Ciudad de Málaga is a forest park in the northern part of town. Extending over 3.5 million square metres, it is crossed by dozens of hiking trails running amidst leafy landscapes and streams, and leading to hidden treasures such as the ruins of Finca La Pola, mines and sources of water. The views along the trails are amazing.




Parque forestal La Concepción

La Concepción Forest Park

La Concepción Forest Park stands next to La Concepción Historical and Botanical Garden. Covering 190,000 square metres, it is crossed by the Guadalmedina river.





Parque forestal Lagarillo Blanco

Lagarillo Blanco Forest Park

Lagarillo Blanco is a forest park at the foot of Mount San Antón, in the area of El Palo. Accessed by the A-7 highway or from the residential development Pinares de San Antón, it covers 183,500 square metres.





Parque Forestal Comandante Benítez

Comandante Benítez Forest Park

Comandante Benítez is a metropolitan forest park covering 300,000 square metres. The most common trees are pines, eucalyptus, cypresses and palm trees. The park includes a recreational area featuring wooden benches, tables and waste bins. In addition, there are hiking and mountain biking trails.



Parque forestal Monte de San Antón

Monte de San Antón Forest Park

Mount St Antón is one of the most important natural areas in Málaga. The mount is part of the Montes de Málaga mountain range. Located in the area of El Palo, it has three summits, the highest being the east summit, 507 metres above sea level. The west summit, 491 metres high, is where the popular Mount St Antón Cross is.


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