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Wine tourism

Wine tourism

Wine tourism

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Málaga was famous for its wines, which were even exported to other countries. The phylloxera epidemic that affected grapevines in Europe between the final decades of the nineteenth century and the early years of the twentieth century brought this booming industry to an end.

Today, Málaga’s wines have regained ground, protected as they are by two designations of origin: “Málaga” and “Sierras de Málaga”.
You can taste Málaga’s world-class wines in the historic district, which has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the city. Use them to match the scrumptious dishes they serve.

Wine museums, wineries, wine industry jobs and even festivals associated with the wine-making calendar are still part of everyday life in Málaga – the signs of a successful symbiosis between wine and the city that began in the Early Roman Empire and has come down to us.

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