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Plans to enjoy with children

Plans to enjoy with children

Plans to enjoy with children

If you want to organize your trip according to the best dates of the year for the family, here we detail them for you. Of course, we will start with Christmas, one of the most magical and special times in Malaga. The spectacle of the lighting of the lights, the illumination of the center, the activities organized for the little ones, the Christmas markets and, of course, the Three Wise Men parade on the evening of January 5, are unique moments to experience with the family.

Then comes Carnival, a date when children have their own day and parade in the city. Workshops and contests are also organized for them.

The Malaga Fair is another of the most beautiful moments to live with the family. The fair attractions at Real Real will make the little ones (and the not so little ones) have the time of their lives.

Finally, we cannot forget the Echegaray and Cánovas theaters, whose programming includes numerous shows for the enjoyment of the whole family.

The most important events of the year in Malaga

Three Wise Men Parade (5th January)
Malaga Theater Festival

Malaga Carnival

Malaga Festival-Spanish Film Festival
Book Fair, with specific activities for children

The White Night in Malaga
International Museum Day (18th May)

Maritime Procession of the Virgen del Carmen (16th July and Sunday)
Summer cinema.

August Fair (second week of August). It commemorates the capture of Malaga by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487.
Pilgrimage to the Basilica de la Victoria. (Saturday of the August Fair)
Summer cinema

Day of the patron saint of Malaga, the Virgen de la Victoria (8th September)
World Tourism Day. 27th September
Summer cinema

Fantastic Film Festival University of Malaga, FANCINE
Inauguration of the Christmas lights on the last weekend of the month.

In addition to the lighting, Malaga has a long tradition of nativity scenes, and you can not miss a route through them. Activities for children will be held until 6th January.
Verdiales Festival (28th December).