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Museums for everyone

Museums for everyone

Museums for everyone

Málaga is undoubtedly the city of museums par excellence, but we could also say that it is the city of museums to enjoy with the family. All you have to do is to check the list of spaces, choose which one you prefer and join the city's cultural festival, a festival where you will find paintings, sculptures, projections, interactive museums, music, workshops and a wide variety of different, original options for the whole family.

Museums: activities for children every weekend

The museums of Malaga program in their agendas workshops and activities for children and young people, especially on weekends and during the holiday period, when the activities become fun campuses in which to learn and enjoy.

These initiatives are usually linked to temporary exhibitions of the spaces, the artists and their works or the pictorial techniques used. Therefore, children know the authors, why they painted and how they did it, and learn how to do it; or, in the case of other museum sites, the activity is developed around their main theme.

The Picasso Museum Malaga, the Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga, the Collection of the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg Malaga, the Centre Pompidou Malaga, the Picasso Birthplace Museum or the Automobile and Fashion Museum are some of the places offering children's activities every weekend and during the vacation season.

Don't forget to check the museum agendas so you can see what options you will have when you come to see us. Ready to learn and have fun?

Fascination for art: perfect museums to visit with children

In addition to museums containing works of art and various exhibitions, the city hosts other more specific spaces for children.

Museum of Imagination. In this space you just have to be open-minded in order to enjoy visual illusions, feel the music not only with your ears, experience the play of lights and shadows... Adults will also feel like children!

MIMMA, Interactive Museum of Music of Malaga. In this museum you are invited to “play”, to experiment with music, to interact with the exhibition and to play an instrument. Furthermore, it offers an exhibition with musical instruments from all over the world and from all historical periods.

Museum & Tour Málaga CF. Do you like sports? La Rosaleda stadium offers a visit to the club's museum and a tour inside it. Touring the entire area, walking on the lawn, occupying the presidential seat in the VIP box or accessing to the changing room tunnel and occupying the benches are some of the experiences you can enjoy.

Málaga Aeronautical Museum. Can you imagine climbing a 1948 control tower? In this museum you can do it. You will also be able to open a black box, go through the customs where our grandparents went through or move a propeller. Moreover, you can get on a pre-digital-age plane. Let's fly!

Oxo, Videogame museum.  Here you will learn about the history of video games, play with all kinds of consoles, classic and current, have immersive experiences and experience and learn about everything related to video games.

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