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Mirador El Cochino - Viewpoints

El Cochino

Mirador El Cochino

El Cochino is a 750m-high viewpoint in Montes de Málaga Nature Park, at the entrance to Málaga City, between Las Pedrizas motorway and the road to Colmenar. Affording stunning views of Málaga Bay and the surrounding area, it is the perfect place for nature lovers, hikers, bike riders and runners who do not want to get too far away from the city.

The area gets its name from a sculpture of a wild boar by F. Martín, made of junk the artist found in the park.

In the area, you can spot Aleppo pines, evergreen oaks, cork oaks, honeysuckles, fennels and Portuguese oaks, as well as English camomile, mint and milkvetch. As to animals, there are specimens to delight all family members, from chameleons and Greek tortoises to wild boars, foxes and weasels to birds of prey.

El Cochino can be accessed either from the park’s central path (climbing up from El Boticario Inn to the recreational area of El Cerrado, and from El Cerrado to the viewpoint) or from road A-7000 (former 345, down the lane on the left at Km 16) in Montes de Málaga.