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Martínez Falero - Viewpoints

Martínez Falero

Martínez Falero

Martínez Falero is a viewpoint in Montes de Málaga Nature Park.

The exuberant forests of the Málaga Mountains, in the Guadalmedina river basin, tends to hide the fact that in the early twentieth century, as a result of marked rainfall seasonality, the vegetation covering the earth was virtually non-existent, which had a negative impact on soil erosion. Massive felling and uncontrolled ploughing transformed the Mediterranean forest into a deserted land, used to grow vines, almond trees and olive trees.

As many as seventeen cataclysmic floods affected Málaga in the nineteenth century. They were followed by four others in the early twentieth century. In their wake, a water and forest recovery plan was designed and carried out by forest engineer Martínez Falero in the 1930s. The viewpoint was named after him. Since then, Málaga has not been affected by significant floods.

Thanks to Martínez Falero’s reforestation efforts, today we can see evergreen oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees and Portuguese oaks. They reign supreme in a land that justly belongs to them. The viewpoint affords stunning panoramic views of the area, which will show you why the nature park is so important for locals.