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El Palomar - Viewpoints

El Palomar

El Palomar is a viewpoint in Montes de Málaga Nature Park. It lies in the vicinity of Lagar de Torrijos, an ecomuseum housed in a nineteenth-century wine press facility. Standing on the eastern watershed of the Guadalmedina river basin, this viewpoint gets its name from the recently rehabilitated pigeon loft that can be found in the area.

El Palomar affords views of Aleppo pine and evergreen oak forests, and of the Chaperas stream flowing amidst basket willows, poplars and ash trees. The animals that can be spotted include birds of prey like short-toed snake eagles, booted eagles and black kites, smaller birds and even squirrels.

El Palomar Viewpoint can be accessed from road A-7000, driving into the lane 1 kilometre past Fuente de la Reina, in the direction of Málaga-Colmenar, about 20 kilometres from Málaga City. The viewpoint lies next to the Lagar de Torrijos Ecomuseum.