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Arab Fortress Walkway and Viewpoint - Viewpoints

Pasarela-mirador de la Alcazaba

Arab Fortress Walkway and Viewpoint

On the north-western wall of the Arab Fortress, a walkway leads to a viewpoint enabling visitors to take a different look at Málaga City, including views of the old Roman Theatre and Calle Alcazabilla. The walkway can be accessed from Calle Cilla (behind the Roman Theatre Visitor Centre) or from Calle Mundo Nuevo.

The fortress itself – known as Alcazaba in Spanish – is an impressive building complex, most of it built in the eleventh century. It was the palace where Islamic rulers used to live. Standing on a mountain and designed to fit the terrain, it comprises two walled enclosures, the lower of which completely surrounds the upper one – strongly protected because it housed the palace itself.

Málaga is one of today’s leading cultural destinations, courtesy of its unique location, fine weather and world-class dining options. The Arab Fortress Walkway and Viewpoint add to the city’s cultural offer, supplementing other landmarks like the Roman Theatre, which can be freely accessed to enjoy the best views of the city.