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Soho Caixabank Theater - Theatres

Soho Caixabank Theater

Soho Caixabank Theater

A great personal commitment by Antonio Banderas. It is a pioneering project, a mirror of the pride we have because of exporting our way of seeing, understanding and feeling art to the world. The objective is to consolidate and expand the artistic offer of Malaga with its own cultural space, which projects the activity generated in this wonderful setting outside our sphere and our borders, due to its style and creative force. The theater is dynamic and ambitious and brings colour, depth and continuity to the cultural-artistic explosion taking place in Malaga. In other words, a cultural initiative FOR AND FROM MÁLAGA, with a young, open and vital spirit. The theater joins to the Spanish Film Festival, the activity of the Cervantes and Echegaray theatres, and the important work of the ESAD and ESAEM drama and performing arts schools.


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