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Specialist Museums

Specialist Museums

Specialist Museums

In Málaga, there is a museum for every interest: classic and vintage cars, fashion, science, music, wine, aviation… even imagination! All of them are perfect to learn interesting facts while having fun.

Museo del Automóvil y Moda

Automobile Museum Málaga

The Automobile and Fashion Museum is located in an emblematic building from the City of Málaga, popularly known as “La Tabacalera”. The Museum exposes an extraordinary private collection of 6,000 square meters, which describes the artistic and historical evolution since the end of the nineteenth century through 13 thematic rooms. A space that occupies a place in the Top Ten of Museums of Spain, and is the Nº1 in Tripadvisor ranking of "Things to do in Malaga".

Automobile Museum Málaga >>



Interactive Music Museum in Málaga, MIMMA

The Interactive Museum of Music (MIMMA) is located in the 18th-century Palacio del Conde Navas. It contains an important collection of musical instruments from around the world and of all ages, many of which can be played. Intended for all audiences, from children and adults, it is an interactive museum where we can experiment: please instead of "please do not touch", the motto is "please play!".



Museo del Vino

Wine Museum

A space where the history, culture, art and educational aspects of the wines of Málaga Province are displayed. The museum features more than 400 lithographs (labels and posters from the 19th and 20th centuries), an Interpretation Centre, Tasting Room, Training Room and Shop. It popularises the culture of wines with "Málaga" and "Sierras de Málaga" denomination of origin.

Wine Museum >>



Museo del Vidrio

Glass Museum

The extraordinary paintings of the facade of this 18th-century building, and its internal structure tell us just how unique the museum is. We can admire some 3,000 pieces of glass, along with a significant representation of paintings, furniture and decorative objects belonging to different historical periods, creating a magical atmosphere in the domestic context in which their first owners lived.

Glass Museum >>



Museo Málaga CF

Museum & Tour Málaga CF

Welcome to over 100 years' passion for football in Málaga. Enjoy a unique experience and visit the most exclusive areas of ??Estadio La Rosaleda. Feel first-hand the environment surrounding the players before a game, and discover the interesting and historical collection of documents, objects, trophies and symbols most beloved of the Málaga supporters.


Museum & Tour Málaga CF >>



Museum of Military History

At the Museum of Military History you can trace the evolution of military uniforms from 1898 to 1948: dress, service and combat uniforms, with all their insignia and decorations.

You will see, for instance, a soldier wearing the famous rayadillo – the Spanish overseas uniform used in military campaigns in Africa in the early twentieth century – to the university militias after the Civil War.

Museum of Military History >>



Museo videojuego OXO

OXO, Video Game Museum in Málaga

OXO is a space for culture and innovation in digital entertainment.

A new initiative highlighting the relevance of the video game industry, it is meant to become a unique, state-of-the-art venue for exhibition, preservation, study and discussion.

Ver más sobre OXO Museo del videojuego >>



Between dream and reality:

Museo de la Imaginación

Museum of the Imagination

The Museum of the Imagination is considered an unconventional place where the viewer becomes a direct participant. The museum has combined science and education with entertainment in a single space. It is a place for the enjoyment of both young and old. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook and other social networks.

Museum of Imagination>>


Looking about, surrounded by guitars and shawls:

Museo Peña Juan Breva

Flamenco Art Museum Juan Breva

The Museo de Arte Flamenco de la Peña Juan Breva is the result of this Group's incessant and exclusive dedication to flamenco for over fifty years. The museum has two floors displaying various works of art, valuable guitars and, especially, thousands of 78 records, as many vinyl records, wax cylinders and countless recordings. All exclusively flamenco music.

Flamenco Art Museum Juan Breva >>



Museums at the service of science and aviation

Museo Ciencia Principia

Principia Science Centre

Principia is an interactive science museum. It consists of three main areas: The "Faraday Room" where experiments are performed with a digital planetarium star projector that enables us to see the sky from anywhere in the universe and the "Tomás Hormigo Room" with more than 80 interactive modules. It also features an astronomical observatory on the terrace.

Principia Science Centre >>



Museo del Aeropuerto

National Museum of Airports and Air Transport

The museum has 3000 m2 of indoor and over 4000 m2 outdoor exhibition space. Its collection comes from airports across Spain, among which are nine historic aircraft. The visit shows the inner workings of an airport, how aviation and airport technology has developed and how the various airport professions are performed, and the principles of physics applied to aviation.

National Museum of Airports and Air Transport >>