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Side activities

Side activities

Side activities

Museums are one of the reasons why so many people come to Málaga every year. But in addition to their permanent and temporary exhibitions, there are other attractions for culture vultures in town, including lots of side activities to supplement the exhibitions themselves.

The sound of music

Concerts and music events are among the activities organised by CAC Málaga, the Russian Museum Collection, the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum. In their number and variety, they explore a wide range of genres.

The Carmen Thyssen Museum in particular offers concerts by its own quartet and the Málaga Philharmonic, programmes such as Música en el Patio (Music in the Courtyard) and Pinceladas Musicales (Music Snippets), and courses for beginners on weekends.

On top of all this, Málaga has its own Interactive Museum of Music, MIMMA, organising flamenco shows, music-related activities and children’s concerts on weekends during the school year.

The calendar also includes dance shows and dance-related activities.


In Málaga’s museums they love films, and so they offer film programmes all year round. The Russian Museum Collection, St Petersburg-Málaga, often screens Russian films, while the Carmen Thyssen Museum organises, jointly with the Málaga Film Festival, a summer film programme every year under the title Cine Abierto (Open Film). Finally, at CAC Málaga there are international film programmes where admission is free.

Lectures and talks

Most museums in Málaga, including CAC Málaga, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Russian Museum Collection, Centre Pompidou Málaga and the Picasso Birthplace Museum organise lecture series and talks about current exhibitions, artists or works on show, or related topics.


Most museums offer interesting educational activities as well: summer camps, weekend programmes for schoolchildren, and so on. Most of these activities are related to temporary exhibitions, but they may also focus on current cultural issues as well.

Let´s learn about art!

Most museums organise cultural activities for adults too: painting workshops exploring a variety of techniques (watercolours, oil painting, etc.), lessons in sculpture and architecture, and more.

Other activities

Beyond art, there are museums in Málaga offering other types of activities: fashion seminars (Automobile and Fashion Museum), storytelling, specialist courses…

If you are coming to Málaga, check out the calendar of activities of your favourite museums so as not to miss out on anything. There are plenty of choices!