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Museum & Tour Málaga Club de Fútbol. - Museums

Museum & Tour Málaga Club de Fútbol.

Museum & Tour Málaga Club de Fútbol.

Welcome to over 100 years' passion for football in Málaga. Enjoy a unique experience and visit the most exclusive areas of ??Estadio La Rosaleda. Feel first-hand the environment surrounding the players before a game, and discover the interesting and historical collection of documents, objects, trophies and symbols most beloved of the Málaga supporters.

The collection

Visitors will have the privilege of walking into the heart of a stadium which hosted the finals of the world cup football 1982 and has grown great along with the city during its 70-year history. You can will tread the turf where great legends like Pele, Di Stefano or Cruyff exhibited their enormous talent. You will be on the stage that Ruud Van Nistelrooy, one of the 20th century's best strikers, chose to announce his retirement from professional football.

An extensive tour in which we can live unforgettable experiences and visit in the club's most exclusive installations. We will have the privilege of sitting in the presidential seat in the Royal Box, discover the VIP grandstand area and, for a day, become an authority and later appear in the press room as if we were the coach or one of the players.

The access tunnel and pitch access area, one of the players' exclusive areas, offers visitors the opportunity to see the locker room and sit on the benches by the pitch.

Finally the museum gives us insight into a century-old love story –that of the city of Málaga and its football club. Because, since its foundation in 1904 until today, the city and its team have spent over 100 years together. Over 100 years' passion for football.

The building

The Rosaleda Stadium is the temple of soccer in the city of Málaga. Built in 1941, this landmark building has become the epicentre of a sport that has aroused passions in the city of Málaga since the founding of the Club back in 1904.

Opening times

Summer tours: 11am, 1pm, 4.30pm, 6pm

Winter tours: 11am, 1pm, 5pm

Closed on Málaga CF match days at La Rosaleda

Bookings at or (+34) 952 104 488 / (+34) 637 050 163

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