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Museum of Religious Brotherhoods and Art - Museums

Museo de la Semana Santa de Málaga (Málaga Holy Week Museum)

Museum of Religious Brotherhoods and Art

The Holy Week Museum is also the headquarters of the Málaga Religious Brotherhood Association. The architectural complex includes the Church of San Julián and the hospital attached to it, both built by the Brotherhood of Santa Caridad in the seventeenth century.

At the Museum you can see major works of sacred art, including a series of paintings by Juan Niño de Guevara and a sculpture of the Risen Christ by José Capuz (1945), as well as several other paintings and sculptures of high artistic value.

In addition, the building boasts a porticoed courtyard where a fountain stands bearing the blazon of the Brotherhood of Santa Caridad. It is one of the loveliest patios in Málaga. The complex includes a gallery for temporary exhibitions, named after brother Jesús Castellanos.

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