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Museum of Military History - Museums

Museum of Military History

Museum of Military History

At the Museum of Military History you can trace the evolution of military uniforms from 1898 to 1948: dress, service and combat uniforms, with all their insignia and decorations.
You will see, for instance, a soldier wearing the famous rayadillo – the Spanish overseas uniform used in military campaigns in Africa in the early twentieth century – to the university militias after the Civil War.
The Museum takes you on a journey through the reign of King Alfonso XIII, the Second Spanish Republic, the Spanish Civil War and the post war years, as illustrated by their major actors: infantry and cavalry soldiers, commanders in dress uniforms, member of military orders, Civil Guards, military doctors, and the Popular Front soldiers fighting the National Front troops.
The Museum of Military History is a small museum with a lot to tell about recent Spanish history.

Opening hours:
Tue-Sat 10am-2pm, 4pm-8pm
Closed on Mondays and holidays

Opening times

Tue-Sat 10am-2pm, 4-8pm

Sun 10.30am-2pm

Closed on Mondays and holidays

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