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Museo Revello de Toro (Revello de Toro Museum) - Museums

Museo Félix Revello de Toro

Museo Revello de Toro (Revello de Toro Museum)

A permanent exhibition of the works of famous portrait and figurative painter Málaga Felix Revello de Toro with over one hundred oil paintings, sketches and drawings. It is also dedicated to sculptor Pedro de Mena, whose 17th century home and workshop has been restored. It has an interpretation centre with an interactive table and a documentary with a surprise ending.

The collection

The museum displays 117 works of the 132 that make up the collection, rotating the other works owing to space restrictions. Felix Revello de Toro is well-known as a portrait painter and for interpreting the feminine figure with seductive elegance.

Grouped by themes and techniques an "Intimate Revello" is displayed with his early works, portraits of his family background, still-life or everyday objects. His own self-portrait, and others, such as his mother's, his first wife's or his daughter Carmen's portraits all stand out.

In "Female figures" large works where the master's stylistic evolution from the 60s to the early 21st century can be seen .

Rooms 5 and 6 contain sketches and drawings by the painter while the exhibition concludes with the work "Sumida en el sueño," one of the pictures the painter loved the most.

The museum also has a Pedro de Mena interpretation centre that displays representative 17th century religious imagery. Pedro de Mena's workshop-home was restored to house this museum.

The building

The gallery is housed in the workshop-home of 17th century sculptor Pedro de Mena, and is a fine example of the century's domestic architecture. The house has a ground floor and first floor and is organized around a central courtyard with covered galleries, with notable Tuscan marble columns. The original staircase and woodwork is also noteworthy.

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