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Museo del Vino (Wine Museum) - Museums

Museo del Vino (Wine Museum)

Museo del Vino (Wine Museum)

A space where the history, culture, art and educational aspects of the wines of Málaga Province are displayed. The museum features more than 400 lithographs (labels and posters from the 19th and 20th centuries), an Interpretation Centre, Tasting Room, Training Room and Shop. It popularises the culture of wines with "Málaga" and "Sierras de Málaga" denomination of origin.

The collection

The Wine Museum is owned by the Regulating Council of Denomination of Origin "Málaga", "Sierras de Málaga" and "Málaga Raisins" and aims to disseminate and promote all activities related to these names.

To this end, it brings together in one place an exhibition area and shop where you can buy wines that you have tasted, as the entrance fee includes two tastings.

On the ground floor you can see a wide collection of wine labels, whose illustrations in most cases are true works of art. On the upper floor, the tour continues with the vine, where you can learn about tools using in cultivating the plant and the care it needs.

Málaga is a grape-growing paradise thanks to its climate, and the diversity of its terrain that makes it possible for the region to have two different denominations of origin.

An essential part of the museum is the historical development of Málaga wine, where we can discover the international importance it came to acquire.

Among others the story of how the Tsarina and Empress of Russia, Catherine II, exempted Málaga wines from paying taxes in her country because of their high quality.

We can also learn about the "Golden Age", the phylloxera plague, the Regulatory Board and the Brotherhood of Vintners, a member of this guild that takes part in the Málaga Holy Week.

An important part of the museum is dedicated to production where we learn about producing the must from the grape, see the machinery used in a winery, discover the solera wine-aging process, or in the final labelling and bottling phases.

The building

The Wine Museum is housed in the Biedmas Palace, located in the old Plaza Biedmas, now known as Plaza de los Viñeros. It is an 18th-century palace restored in 2008, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Regulatory Board and the Brotherhood of Vintners.

The building occupies 800 square metres and, in addition to hosting the museum, it houses the Regulatory Board.

The façade features typical Málaga locks and forged iron work abounds. During the last restoration, a lateral annex of postmodern design was added.

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