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Museo del Cautivo y la Trinidad (Museum of the Captive and the Trinity) - Museums

Museo del Cautivo y la Trinidad

Museo del Cautivo y la Trinidad (Museum of the Captive and the Trinity)

The museum is located in the neighbourhood of Trinidad, in the Plaza de Bailén. It has six rooms distributed over 327 square metres, in which the most important historical and artistic heritage of brotherhood is displayed, including the original image of the Virgen de la Trinidad, (Our Lady of the Trinity). The Brotherhood has reached an agreement with volunteers from the Zegrí Cultural Association to organize the visits.

The collection

The first room of the museum named "La Promesa" (The Promise) introduces the visitors to the atmosphere of the brotherhood, the devotion to and worship of their images. The main piece is the ancient image of Virgen de la Trinidad (Our Lady of the Trinity), replaced in the late '60s by a work by Francisco Buiza.

The "Trinitas" room, dedicated to Virgen de la Trinidad (Our Lady of the Trinity), has paintings and horn cloths of great artistic value. Within its walls we also find the dresses for clothing the Virgin or a mantle embroidered with gold thread.

The room "Señor de Málaga" is dedicated to Christ and his objects, of which the powers of gold are outstanding, among which are those of an anonymous artist of 1945, and which stand 15 inches in height. We can also see the different scapulars that have been worn or tunics in classic white, the same colour that Nazarenes of Christ wear.

"Canonical Coronation" is the room where the celebration of the Canonical Coronation of Virgen de la Trinidad in 2000 are explained, and its documentary and heritage importance. In this museum you can admire the impressive crown of the Virgin and the golden book of the coronation.

In the "75th anniversary" room we can see part of the history and the first 75 years of the Brotherhood's life, which were celebrated in an event held in 2009.

The last module displays the institutional relations, musical heritage and other allusions to historical links as Los Regulares, the Civil Hospital, Complutense University and the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

The building

Located in the 327m2-building that was occupied by the Bailén Miraflores District Council and which has now been ceded to the Brotherhood for 30 years.

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