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Museo de Arte Flamenco. (Flamenco Art Museum) Peña Juan Breva. (Juan Breva Group) - Museums

Museo de Arte Flamenco. (Flamenco Art Museum) Peña Juan Breva. (Juan Breva Group)

Museo de Arte Flamenco. (Flamenco Art Museum) Peña Juan Breva. (Juan Breva Group)

The Museo de Arte Flamenco de la Peña Juan Breva is the result of this Group's incessant and exclusive dedication to flamenco for over fifty years. The museum has two floors displaying various works of art, valuable guitars and, especially, thousands of 78 records, as many vinyl records, wax cylinders and countless recordings. All exclusively flamenco music.

The collection

The Museo de Arte Flamenco de la Peña Juan Breva exhibits more than 5,000 pieces, including a collection of over 2,500 records; it is one of the most important in Spain and has some recordings from the 19th century.

You can also see more than 20 guitars, some of which are more than two centuries old; equipment for reproducing recordings; posters, shawls, dresses with tails, artworks dating from the 19th and 20th centuries and an important collection of books and recordings on flamenco.

The collections are displayed on the first floor. Pictures of different techniques and styles including paintings, drawings, oils and watercolours depict artists' lives, flamenco characters or venues. Meanwhile, the terracotta figures that can be seen in the windows are graphic examples of the dancers, their costumes and their accessories.

Málaga claywork from the 50s and 60s represents the flamenco fiesta with singers, dancers, guitarists or clappers, even the flamenco dancer with her shawl and bullfighter busts. We cannot forget the Café Chinitas, represented here by a silk leaflet; memories of this popular 19th-century venue still remain as we stroll along the Pasaje Chinitas.

The second floor is the Museum Documentation and Investigation Centre. The basement is devoted to the Peña's flamenco activities. These include talks on Flamenco, the weekly meeting with singing, playing or dancing, all around a "tablao" or raised stage, located in the centre of the room that is an essential part of the visit.

The ground, or main, floor houses the reception, a bar where you can sample the cuisine and whose its walls frequently display exhibitions related to flamenco.

On the stairs that connect the various floors, you can read the history of flamenco. Local singers and artists from other provinces, who chose Málaga to learn and improve their art, are present as we climb these steps. Famous Málaga musical cafés of the late 18th and early 19th century and guitar makers are also displayed.

Finally, the third floor is reserved for store rooms, recordings studios, audition rooms, archives and offices.

The building

This building is also the headquarters of the Peña Juan Breva, dedicated to one of the greatest flamenco singers Málaga has produced. It is 800 square metres in area, with five floors, four above ground and one basement, with a 57m2 terrace and warehouse.

It has been ceded by the Municipal Housing Institute and was opened in 2008 to coincide with the Peña Juan Breva's 50th anniversary.

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