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Ifergan Collection - Museums

Ifergan Collection

Ifergan Collection

April 2018 marked the opening of the Ifergan Collection, one of the most important private archaeological collections in the world.

Owner Vicente Jimenez Ifergan designed and built the Jerusalem Complex to be able to share with others his interest and collection through a museum that combines space, pieces, illustrations and the didactic aspect.

Viewing these wonderful pieces allows us to go back in time to the early cultures and civilisations of the Mediterranean, from mythical Mesopotamia to Canaan, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, Byzantium and up to Islam.

Highlights among the many important pieces in this collection include the head of an Egyptian mummy from the 18th Dynasty (1500–1200 BC).

The kudurru is a stone stele from the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar I during the Babylonian era. There are only three in the world: in Beijing, the British Museum and Malaga.

The bust of one of the most important emperors of the Roman Empire: Antoninus Pius (2nd century AD), found in Malaga in 1904 on the Cádiz Road. Without a doubt, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the history of Malaga.

The jewel of the collection is the Malaka Room, like no other in the world.

This great treasure was lost at the bottom of the sea for almost 2,500 years when a ship attempting to flee the siege of the city-state of Tyre by Alexander the Great sunk in the year 332 BC. It contains more than 100 extraordinary terracotta votive figures from the 6th–4th centuries BC from the temples of Melqart and Astarte.

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