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Art for all tastes

Art for all tastes

Art for all tastes

Enjoying art. Viewing art. Sharing art. In Málaga you can do all this and more, courtesy of the city’s many museums, hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions focusing on different periods or their most representative artists.

In the footsetps of Picasso:

Picasso museum

In answer to Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s wish for a place in his native city where his work could be shown to society, the Museo Picasso Málaga was inaugurated in 2003.

The institution has become since then fundamental for an understanding of the rich development of local culture. The museum is both a landmark and a magnet, as well as a key symbolic referent for anyone living in the capital of the Costa del Sol. For those drawn to Málaga from all parts of the world by the talent and fame of the most important painter of the 20th century, it is moreover an invitation to learn at close hand about the life and work of the locally born artist.

Picasso Museum >>

Picasso´s Birthplace Museum

Picasso´s Birthplace Museum >>

For contemporary art fans

Centre Pompidou Málaga

The center proposes all public to feel the experience of the Centre Pompidou through its wealthy collection, its excellent schedules, the mutual interference of artistic disciplines and its innovative mediation programs. Malaga, birthplace of Picasso and an international tourist destination place, positions the culture and the museums in the center of a new stage of its development

Centre Pompidou Málaga >>

Málaga Centre for Contemporary Art

The CAC Málaga is located in the old Málaga Wholesale Market, a historic building. The museum is intended for reflection on and dissemination of contemporary art. Exhibitions, publications, conferences, educational programs, workshops and seminars are some of the many activities that make CAC Málaga a living, dynamic and innovative centre, open to all kinds of artistic and cultural events in the international vanguard.

CAC Málaga >>

Carmen Thyssen Museum Málaga

The permanent collection rooms at the Carmen Thyssen Málaga Museum offer a journey through Spanish art of the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries, with special emphasis on Andalusian landscape painting and traditional scenes. The works belong to Baroness Carmen Thyssen’s private collection – more than 200 pieces, including a fine selection of works of the Old Masters (thirteenth to eighteenth centuries).

Museo Thyssen Málaga >>

Russian Museum Collection St. Petersburgo-Málaga

The Russian Museum Collection is housed in the building of the old tobacco factory, known as La Tabacalera – perhaps the finest example of architectural regionalism in Málaga, dating from the 1920s.

The Russian Museum Collection, St. Petersburg-Málaga has had its programme disrupted, but activity has not been interrupted. The Museum is now reopening with a Picasso exhibition, showing works from the Picasso House Museum.

Russian Museum Collection St. Petersburgo-Málaga >>

Málaga´s Museum

Malaga's Museum holds the collections of two of the most distinguished museum institutions of Malaga, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Provincial Archaeology Museum which holds more than 15,000 references of archaeology and a wide painting's collection of more that 2,000 pieces which were produced along the XIX and XX centuries. it is the 5th biggest museum of Spain and the largest of Andalucia.

Málaga´s Museum >>

And if you are interested in local artists, you should not miss…

Revello de Toro Museum

Entrar en el Museo Félix Revello de Toro es meterse de lleno en la vida de este afamado retratista y pintor figurativo malagueño. Tanto que casi se convierte en un conocido para el visitante. El Museo Revello de Toro exhibe permanentemente la cesión que Félix Revello de Toro realizó a su ciudad natal. Desde el Revello de Toro más íntimo, su mujer, sus hijas, su madre, hasta la importancia que la figura de la mujer tuvo en su arte. De las 142 obras que se muestran al público, 116, entre óleos, bocetos y dibujos, forman la colección permanente del centro expositivo.

Además, el Museo Félix Revello de Toro recupera y pone en valor la Casa-Taller del escultor Pedro de Mena, donde se ubica.

Revello de Toro Museum >>

Museum Jorge Rando

The Museum Jorge Rando, centre of reference for the work of this master from Málaga, is the first institution in Spain dedicated to the study, research and spreading of expressionist poetry, in the broad sense of the term, since the final decades of the XXIth to the present.

The tour is a pictorial walk with a permanent exhibition in continuous movement, the wealth of thematic cycles of Jorge Rando by África, Prostitución, Pasión, Pintarradas, Paisajes, Maternidades (Africa, Prostitution, Passion, “Pintarradas”: paintings by daubing, Landscapes, Maternities) among others, take turns to accompany the temporary exhibitions of national and international artists linked to this artistic trend.

Museum Jorge Rando >>