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Soho Barrio de las artes - Squares, fountains and streets

Soho Barrio de las artes

Soho Barrio de las artes

  1. Plaza Jardín Alfonso Canales: Also known as the Jardín del Borracho (Drunk Man’s Garden) or Barrilito for the large specimen of an exotic South American tree (Chorisia Insignis), at its center is a fountain and a sculpture by Jaime Fernández Pimentel of the great poet and literary critic, Alfonso Canales.
  2. Port Authority: Building opened in 1935, designed by the engineer Manuel Aceña González in the traditionalist style. It features unique architecture and a central courtyard that houses exhibits, as well as meetings and conferences for the Institute for Port Studies, located next door in the port complex.
  3. Teatro Soho: Coming soon on the spot of the old Teatro Alameda, this is Antonio Banderas’s vision for a space to learn, innovate and exhibit the latest trends in the theater arts.
  4. Municipal Archives: This bourgeois 19th-century house on Alameda Principal, designed in the Modernist bourgeois style, contains the records generated by the Malaga Town Hall since 1489 and has several exhibit rooms. It hosted the first Economics Department in 1964.
  5. Church of Stella Maris: Simple and luminous building with metal carpentry and ceramic brickwork, it was designed by architect José María García Paredes and has been a Heritage of Cultural Interest since 1983. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of the modern movement in Malaga. It is a church and convent of the Barefoot Carmelites.
  6. Sala Chela Mar: Private cultural center with workshops, seminars, exhibits and a large number of theater arts activities for all ages in an innovative setting.
  7. MAUS- Málaga Arte Urbano Soho: Visitors on this route can take in the various urban art initiatives that make up the MAUS project, which turns public spaces and streets into a canvas for international artists like Bohamistura, Roa, D’Face, Obey, Dadi Dreucol, Manuel León, Faith47, Dal East, Pejac, Felipe Pantone and others.
  8. Association of Plastic Artists (APLAMA): A non-profit with 20+ years of experience, this association’s purpose is to introduce plastic arts as a whole and the various artists who comprise the contemporary arts scene in Malaga to the public. Its headquarters is a large exhibit hall.
  9. Malaga Center of Contemporary Art: Icon of Malaga’s commitment to popularize plastic and visual arts from the last third of the 20th century until today. Since opening in 2003 in an old, refurbished wholesale market, it has become an international benchmark as a space for reflection, exhibits and activities involving contemporary art, hosting international figures like Louise Bourgeois, the Chapman brothers, Gerard Richter, Paul McCarthy, Anish Kapoor, Jason Rhoades, Raymond Pettibon, Ron Mueck, Rachael Whiteread, Yoshitmo Nara, Roni Horn, Daniel Richter and Rodney Graham.

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