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San Miguel Cemetery - Parks, gardens and natural areas

Cementerio de San Miguel

San Miguel Cemetery

The Historic San Miguel Cemetery is located in the Capuchinos district and was built to a design by architect Mitjana. It was consecrated in 1810 and completed in 1829. Neoclassical in style, it is one of the most important cemeteries that is deemed a monument of Spain.

Some of 19th century Málaga's most illustrious figures, citizens who played essential roles in Málaga's development, lie in magnificent mausoleums at the Cemetery. Some of the most important artists, engineers and craftsmen such as Jerónimo Cuervo, Manuel Rivera Valentín, Jose Trigueros, Guerrero Strachan, Adrian Risueño and Gutiérrez de León, to name but a few, have left their mark at the San Miguel Cemetery.

There we can find buried Salvador Rueda, José Denis Belgrano, José Moreno Carbonero, Salvador González Anaya, Eduardo Ocón and Rafael Salinas. Today, this monument site and witness to the city's history is still used by the people of Málaga who deposit there the ashes of their loved ones.

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