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Finca de San José (San José Villa) - Parks, gardens and natural areas

Finca San José

Finca de San José (San José Villa)

FINCA DE SAN JOSÉ (San José Villa):

The San Jose Villa was built in the first third of the 19th century by Manuel Agustín Heredia and Isabel Livermore Salas. The property, in the romantic landscape style, contains many species planted during the second half of the 19th century.

This diversity of species was enhanced by the fact that the Heredia family owned a powerful shipping fleet and it is suspected that the ships brought many of the specimens that we can admire today.

The estate ceased to belong to the Heredia family in 1923 and became a place of residence for the mentally disabled run by the Hermanos de San Juan de Dios (Brothers of St. John of God). These gardens contain some unique and rare species of Málaga's ornamental flora.

There is a magnificent Araucaria columnaris, a sample of Beaucarnea recurvata, an Encephalartos villosus, a Schottia latifolia, several specimens of Pittosporum undulatum and Nandina domestica, one Erythrina caffra tree and numerous Arecaceae species.

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