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Villalcázar Palace - Palaces

Palacio Villalcázar

Villalcázar Palace

18th century palace built by the first Count of Buenavista that took its name from the Count of Villalcázar, who became the third Count of Buenavista on succeeding his uncle, who was childless.

It is difficult to appreciate its original layout as it has undergone numerous restorations. Today it is the seat of the Málaga Chamber of Commerce. The patio has a colonnade of huge marble columns.

Characteristic outer features are the stone portico, the first floor balcony and the Torre Mirador lookout tower.

The Torre Mirador was very close to the wall that separated the building from the port and it was a perfect place for watching the boats moored there.

During the urban changes in this area, the wall was demolished and the Parque de Málaga and the Port were built on land reclaimed from the sea.

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