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Episcopal Palace - Palaces

Palacio Episcopal. Sala de Exposiciones

Episcopal Palace

16th - 18th centuries. The Bishop's Palace is a series of buildings that were joined while being built until the large block was completed in the 18th century that took up the whole of the block. It features the impressive Baroque façade facing the Plaza del Obispo.

This beautiful portal was designed in the 18 th century by architect Antonio Ramos, master builder of the cathedral. It is in the late Baroque style with a central recess divided into three overlapping spans: the entrance, the balcony and the Virgen de las Angustias (Virgin of Sorrows) in stone. It combines a grey marble background with pink marble for the beautifully finished columns.

Inside there are Mannerist and Baroque courtyards such as the Throne Room, which was used in the past for the Bishop's receptions. The impressive imperial staircase is covered by an elliptical dome in which you can admire the Triumph of the Eucharist, an anonymous 18th century work.

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