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Statue of Hans Christian Andersen - Monuments

Estatua de Hans Christian Andersen

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen

The Danish Royal Family commissioned this statue in bronze, the work of the sculptor María Córdoba, which depicts the Danish author sitting on a bench in a relaxed pose. The author of the Little Mermaid and the Ugly Duckling was probably seen in this very attitude on many an occasion during his stay in our city in the early days of October 1862. He wrote about this period in his life in his book "In Spain".

Captivated by the beauty of Málaga, its sea, its luminosity and its people, Andersen wrote "in no other Spanish city have I been as happy and as comfortable as in Málaga". The statue invites the viewer to sit beside the writer, admire and respect his work and appreciate that he was a pioneer among travellers, as his journey was one of the very first cultural tours of the 19th century.

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