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Santos Mártires Church - Monuments

Santos Mártires Church

Santos Mártires Church

15th - 18th centuries. Founded in 1494 in honour of San Ciriaco and Santa Paula, patron saints of Málaga , this church is home to no fewer than five canonical brotherhoods linked to Málaga's Easter Week celebrations, which is the highest of brotherhoods that have joined up forces together of all the city's churches.

It is in the Gothic-Mudéjar style and it has undergone several renovations to put right the damage it has suffered throughout its history: a cannonball in 1854, the 1884 earthquake and looting in 1936 when it was turned into the Quartermaster's Store in the Spanish Civil War. After it underwent restoration work in 1945 and 2006, it became one of the finest examples of Rococo style.

There is a beautiful neobaroque altarpiece from Málaga's image-maker Pérez Hidalgo.

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