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Santo Cristo de la Salud Church - Monuments

Santo Cristo de la Salud Church

Santo Cristo de la Salud Church

16th Century. Known as the Santo Cristo (Holy Christ), this church was founded by the Jesuits, who also gave their name to this street (Calle de la Compañía). It is the first building on the right at the entrance of Calle de la Compañía and it is unusual in that it has a circular floor plan.

In 1572, after the Jesuits came to do missionary work in Málaga, the Jesuits decided to settle here and purchased a house next to the San Sebastian Sanctuary where they practised their ministry. They decided to build a new church because the Sanctuary was not large enough to hold public services. The works were not started until 1598 and the church opened on 28 September 1630 although some work continued until 1644.

The dome is the building's most interesting feature. It is in the shape of a semicircle with a ring covered in paintings that simulate masonry work in a very realistic manner.

The dome is painted in three concentric parts of great beauty with illustrative paintings that helped the brothers studying at the humanistic studies centre and to whom the building belonged, to learn.

Also important are the altar paintings and sculptures, two of which correspond to Christ Crowned with thorns and Our Lady of Grace and Hope, which are those of the popular Cofradía de los Estudiantes (Brotherhood of Students) and which leave in procession on Easter Monday on the shoulders of students from Málaga.

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