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Santa María de la Victoria Basilica - Monuments

Santa María de la Victoria Basilica

Santa María de la Victoria Basilica

The Basilica of Santa María de la Victoria is in the heart of the district bearing the same name, near the historic centre of the city. It was built on the site where the Catholic Monarchs established their encampment during the siege of Malaga during the Reconquest.

It was originally a hermitage and later, at the beginning of the 16th century, the church was built. However, its deterioration led to its demolition and reconstruction, which was completed in 1700.

One of its most outstanding elements is its camarín tower, which is a key example of the Spanish Baroque style and one of the first to be built in Spain in the style of the Guadalupe tower. This church has a Latin cross plan, with a raised choir at the beginning and tribune balconies between the pilasters, a design characteristic of the Counter-Reformation.

The central nave, which is wider and higher than the side aisles, allows light to be directed towards the chapels, the transept and the space behind the altarpiece. The adjacent buildings were demolished, creating a large square that was inaugurated in 1998.

For more details on this important historical site, we recommend visiting the Museo Basílica de Santa María de la Victoria in the City of Museums section.

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Tue-Fri 10am-1pm

Sat-Sun 10am-1.30pm

Access to the Chapel of the Virgin of Victory and the church.

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