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Santa María de la Victoria Basilica - Monuments

Santa María de la Victoria Basilica

Santa María de la Victoria Basilica

This Basilica is located in the place where the Catholic Monarchs camped during the siege of Málaga during the Reconquest. It was originally a chapel and the church was built in the early 16th century. It was demolished because of its poor condition and rebuilt in 1700. The tower-shrine, a key piece of Spanish Baroque, was one of the first to be built in the country along similar lines to the one at Guadalupe.

The temple has a Latin-Cross design, elevated choir stalls and, between the pilasters, there are small balcony platforms that open to the central nave, typical of the Counter-Reformation period. Its central nave is wider and taller than the lateral ones to direct light to the chapels, the transept and the dome light space behind the altar.

The annexes were demolished creating a wide square that was opened in 1998.

For more information see the Museum City section on the Museum and the Santa Maria de la Victoria Basilica.

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