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Sagrario Church - Monuments

Sagrario Church

Sagrario Church

15th - 18th centuries. This church, located next to the Cathedral on Calle Santa María, was built between the 15th and 18th centuries and both its façade and interior altarpiece are impressive.

The portal, a masterpiece in the Elizabethan Gothic style, was built around 1498. It depicts two images praying, one accompanied by an angel and the other by the apostle James. It is believed that they represent Cardinal Mendoza and the Bishop of Málaga from the time it was built, that is, Pedro Díaz de Toledo.

The plateresque altarpiece, made in 1944 by Juan de Balmaseda, is very beautiful. It contains figures of the apostles, a Virgen Coronada, la Piedad, el Calvario and el Padre eterno (the Apostles, Our Lady Crowned, Piety, Calvary and the eternal Father) in different squares, all made of bright gold. The choir, which was built in 1749 by the master builder of the cathedral Antonio Ramos, is also noteworthy.

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