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Points of view Sculpture - Monuments

Escultura Points of View

Points of view Sculpture

The British sculptor Tony Cragg's work "Points of view" is the first piece by this renowned author to be permanently exhibited in the street. It is located at the junction of Calle Larios and Calle Strachan. It was put up in 2005 as part of the municipal sculpture programme "Málaga, City of Museums," which began in 2002 with the installation in the streets of works by Miguel Navarro, Jaume Plensa and Chema Alvargonzález.

Tony Cragg is linked to Málaga, not only by this piece, but by previous exhibitions he has held here. The Contemporary Arts Centre (CAC) hosted his show "Signs of Life" in 2003. This museum of contemporary art has a permanent collection that features another piece by the artist from Liverpool: "Untitled" (Messengers in Wood, 2003). This artist was born in 1949 and studied at the Royal College of Art in London. He began using recycled materials in the 1960s during his early sculptural works. In the 1990s, he started working with traditional materials such as wood, marble and bronze. "Points of view" is a creation in bronze.

The work follows the artist's distinctive style with vertically organised helical shapes that rise from the ground in order to convey the metamorphosis of matter. Their shapes are aerodynamic and full of vitality. Most are large as this piece which captures the attention of those who pass by and reflect the artist's combined knowledge of sculpture and science.

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