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Old María Cristina Music Conservatory - Monuments

Antiguo Conservatorio María Cristina

Old María Cristina Music Conservatory

A 15th Century building originally in the Mudéjar style, as its beautiful tower proclaims. Owned by the Fundación Unicaja (Unicaja Foundation), today it hosts many cultural events and especially concerts.

After use as a chapel of the Convent of San Francisco, it fell into disuse and had to be rebuilt in the 19th century. It became the headquarters of the Liceo de Málaga (Malaga's Lyceum) and the Sociedad Malagueña de Ciencias (Málaga Science Society). Later the Conservatorio de Música María Cristina moved there and, although after a time it again moved, the name has remained.

At the entrance we find a beautiful gate that was brought from the Palace of the Marqués de Valdecañas in the 19th Century. You enter the building by the atrium, a closed space where parishioners waited to enter, after which you will reach the Baroque façade which was brought from another building.

The murals of Málaga artists such as Sixto Cappa, Martínez de la Vega, Denis Belgrano, Moreno Carbonero, Emilio Ocón, Muñoz Degrain, Ponce, Nogales, Alvarado, Blanco Coris, Merino and Simonet are all extremely important. Special mention should be made of Nogales' mural located in the Mudéjar Hall. The artist drew these bouquets following the patterns of the mirrors broken during the 1884 earthquake.

In another room, El Senado (The Senate), where the meetings of its most distinguished members were held, the brilliant painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso was "baptised with champagne" to celebrate the success of his work "Science and Charity" in the National and Provincial Fine Arts exhibitions of 1897.

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