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Nineteenth-century Málaga house façade - Monuments

Nineteenth-century Málaga house façade

Nineteenth-century Málaga house façade

If there is something that characterises nineteenth-century architecture in Málaga, that is façades. Woodwork in particular is one of its hallmarks.
Nineteenth-century houses introduced new forms of living, in both architectural and social terms. Houses were vertically structured, with a ground floor and a mezzanine used for commercial purposes that added height, as if all houses had a huge baseboard. The wealthier families lived on the first floor – the main floor. Then, as you climbed up, you found smaller units for lower-income households.
Architecturally, nineteenth-century houses had a new layout. Stairs became more directly connected to the street and courtyards became more private, more closely associated with individual households. Some of the houses were topped with a lookout tower, unrelated to the main staircase.

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