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Málaga Council: City Council building - Monuments

Málaga Council: City Council building

Málaga Council: City Council building

Opened to the public in 1919, the City Council building is the work of architects Guerrero Strachan and Rivera Vera. It was built on reclaimed land after the construction of the Parque de Málaga (Malaga's Park).

The building is in the neo-baroque style with a rectangular floor plan and entrances on each façade. The corners are richly-decorated with protruding towers and the motif is repeated on the remaining façades. The entrance portico is topped by a clock under a pediment with a sculpture by Francisco Palma García. The central figure represents a matron, the symbol of the city, surrounded by figures alluding to architecture, fishing and trade. The iconographic appearance of the whole building makes references to various social factors that contributed to the rise of 19th century Málaga.

The great atlas figures forming corbels at the base of paired columns at the corners of the building are worthy of note. Crossing the entrance hall, you will come across the imperial staircase where you can contemplate large stained glass windows that depict historical scenes of the city at the front ends.

The building has three floors and on the main floor, the Hall of Mirrors, you will find the Mayor's Office and Council Chamber.

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