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Guard stones - Monuments


Guard stones

A guard stone, also known as jostle stone or chasse-roue is a projecting metal, concrete or stone exterior architectural element located at the corner or at the foot of gates, garage entries and walls to prevent damage from vehicle tires and wheels. In the beginning, they were simple stones, but soon they became an item of street furniture. They were very popular in the eighteenth century. Unfortunately, only a few examples remain in Málaga.
Two guard stones can be found in this stately building, today housing the local offices of the Government of Andalusia. They show interlocking fish motifs or figureheads. Of unknown authorship, they are remarkable in terms of subject and volume. Further examples of guard stones can be seen on Granada Street, at number 61 – the Palace of the Marquis of Sonora – and at number 48 – at the junction with San José Street.

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