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Fuente de Génova (Genoa Fountain) - Monuments

Fuente de Génova

Fuente de Génova (Genoa Fountain)

A 16th century marble fountain in the Renaissance style. The sculptor is unknown, but the piece is believed to have been sculpted in Genoa. It is currently located in the Plaza de la Constitución, where it was originally set up, although it has passed through several locations such as the Alameda or the Park until the Square was remodelled in 2003, when it was finally set to one side. For a time, it was named after Charles V (1788–1855) who ordered its installation in the city.

Its main basin has 12 sides with Ionic ornaments and separating them at their vertices are webs supported on four-petalled roses. In the centre of the fountain the stem is divided into several sections.

At its base there are three mermaids with forked tails whose hands are joined by the floral wreaths they hold. In the next section, there are three female figures partially covered by a cloth who are joined by dolphins.

At the top of the second basin, water falls from 8 pipes on which three figures rest. Among these is Neptune, bearing a trident who is joined by a dolphin. After the final basin, three children and an eagle crown the fountain. Water flows from the eagle's beak.

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