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Del Agua Chapel - Monuments

Capilla del Agua

Del Agua Chapel

Period: 19th century. The Chapel of the Water or of the Redeemer, so named because the processional images of Cristo del Rescate and de la Virgen de Gracia, (Christ the Redeemer and of Our Lady of Grace) are currently venerated here, is a small chapel of processional origin built in 1800.

The chapel is of baroque style yet with a popular air and embodies the terraced kind of street chapel, which is an almost unique occurrence in the city. The interior space is an irregular polygonal covered with hemispherical domes decorated with plasterwork. The façade has a large arch through which the venerated images are displayed.

The whole is rounded off by a double attic and a hexagonal cupola with ceramic ornaments. The images of the interior are sculptures in polychrome wood that can be dressed differently (i.e. only the face, hands and feet have been sculptured and the resit is one piece of wood) made in the fifties by sculptor Castillo Lastrucci because the originals disappeared during the Civil War. Opposite, in another building, the Brotherhood House can be found where the thrones for carrying these images in procession are kept.

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