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Convento de San Agustín Church - Monuments

Convento de San Agustín Church

Convento de San Agustín Church

16th Century. Located in the old Calle de los Caballeros, now called Calle San Agustín, this building has three parts: church, school and monks' residence. The church's beautiful courtyard is next to the Museo Picasso Málaga (Málaga's Picasso Museum), on one of the streets that best preserves its original structure.

The church has three naves, the central one being covered by a barrel vault and lunettes set off by mouldings. The church is very bright because of the alternating spans in the arches that rest on Corinthian pilasters thought to be in the style of José Martín de Aldehuela.

The convent has always been linked to teaching work.

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