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Cervantes Theatre - Monuments

Cervantes Theatre

Cervantes Theatre

19th century. This is Malaga's oldest theatre and the reference point in the city where different cultural programmes and events such as the important "Málaga Spanish Film Festival" are held.

Following the destruction by fire of the Teatro del Príncipe Alfonso or Teatro de la Merced, the architect Jerónimo Cuervo designed the Teatro Cervantes which opened in 1870.

It has a polygonal floor plan and features horseshoe-shaped stalls. There are four floors: the stalls, two floors for boxes and the upper gallery.

In addition to its structural beauty, it is beautifully decorated. Special mention must be made of the ceiling, painted in oils by Bernardo Ferrándiz and assistants such as Antonio Muñoz Degrain. It is a vision of 19th Century Málaga, its industry, commerce and Port. The canvas measures 19 x 16.5 metres.

In 1950, the Theatre had deteriorated considerably and its activity was reduced to showing films. Málaga City Council acquired the building and rebuilt it. The 25th anniversary of the reopening of the Teatro Cervantes as a municipal theatre was celebrated on 6 April 2012. A quarter century of symphonies, classic dramas, comedies, operas, ballets, jazz, flamenco, rock concerts, music and shows of all kinds.

Architect: Gerónimo Cuervo González (Madrid, 1838-Málaga, 1898)
Style: Eclecticism
Opening: 17 December 1870
Transfer to the City of Málaga and re-opening: 6 April 1987
Rehabilitation: José Seguí Pérez (Estudio Seguí)
Capacity: 1134

Alegoría de Málaga con su puerto, estación de ferrocarril, la agricultura, industria y comercio (An Allegory of Málaga with the Port and the Train Station, Agriculture, Industry and Trade, 1870) by Bernardo Ferrándiz Bádenes (Valencia, 1835-Málaga, 1885)
Designated as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), as an item originally belonging to the Cervantes Theatre

Front curtain
Alegoría del teatro (An Allegory of the Theatre, 1870) by Bernardo Ferrándiz Bádenes
Designated as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), as an item originally belonging to the Cervantes Theatre

The programme of the Cervantes Theatre is designed to meet the demands and interests of citizens, regardless of their age, their social, cultural or educational background, and their personal qualities.
The staff at the Cervantes Theatre work to implement a global cultural model that rests on diversity, rigour and quality. The programme covers all genres, movements and trends in the performing arts, as they emerge, succeed one another and reproduce at vertigo-inducing speed, transforming the international art scene.

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