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Espacio Tres Art Gallery - Art galleries and exhibition halls

Galería de Arte Espacio Tres

Espacio Tres Art Gallery

Established in 1995, Espacio Tres is an art gallery, a cultural centre and an artist association focusing on contemporary art. Espacio Tres has a high level of international activity, interacting with galleries in Yorkshire, England (Montage Gallery); Sintra, Portugal (Galeria Marcos); or Barcelona, Spain (Art Nou Millenni). The creators who are part of Espacio Tres often show their work in these partner galleries, which have in turn the opportunity to stage exhibitions in Málaga. It is a way of promoting the artwork of the artists born or living in Málaga.

Espacio Tres has attended the leading contemporary art fairs in the Iberian Peninsula, including Arcale (Castile-León, since 1998), Artesantander (Cantabria), Art Marbella (Andalusia) and DEARTE (Madrid), as well as events in Ibiza, Vigo, Valencia, Seville, Valladolid and Lisbon.

Espacio Tres stands on Moscatel Street, Málaga, regularly hosting exhibitions and welcoming visitors (appointment required).

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